How to wash different fabrics

Have you ever wondered how many varieties of fabric you have in your wardrobe? For style, fashion, comfort and many more reasons different varieties of fabrics get accommodated in our daily lives. However, not much thoughts are gone into wash care and maintenance needs of these, causing wear and tear of garments. At Laundry Hub, we sort out clothes based on the nature of fabric and treat them separately. Here are a few laundry tips to maintain the freshness and quality of different types of fabrics.


Cotton is the most appealing and popular comfort wear for major share of people. At the same time this fabric calls for utmost care and maintenance. The risk of color fading and shrinking comes along free. Colored cotton clothes should not be washed together in washing machine. If not in machine, its ideal to wash colored cotton clothes separately using mild baby shampoo.

Moreover, cotton clothes should be washed using cold water (30 degree or below). It is recommended to tumble dry warm cotton clothes. These simple laundry hacks can safeguard your favorite cotton clothes from short lifespans.


Linen is used in wide range of clothing due to its durability. Like cotton, due to chances of shrinking, it’s better to wash linen in cold water Exposure to high heat while wash or dry may cause damage to linen materials. Also avoid use of hard water to wash linen fabric. Linen tends to turn softer after each wash, hence we do not have to use fabric softeners. Doing linen laundry at home is hence slightly prone to risk due to the sensitivity of the material. We strongly recommend borrowing expert assistance for doing Linen laundry right.


Polyester clothes are relatively easy to take care and durable. In washing machine, you just need to select the right cycle and water temperature. For delicate ones, handwashing with warm water will do. While ironing, use low heat as Polyester will melt under hot iron. Though the material stands regular wash procedures, it may not survive too rough and careless laundry.


Shiny, lustrous and royal fabric is dear to all regardless of gender. Careless washing can shrink the fabric and spoil the smooth texture. Wash silk clothes in cool water using mild detergents or baby shampoos. Add minimal quantity of detergent and do not squeeze out the excess water hard. Rinse in cold water and hand the clothes to dry. Factoring the cost of silk clothes, it is better to go for a good laundry service team to take care of your fabric.


Many washing machines now have wool setting to wash woolen clothes. If you don’t find this setting, use cold water and mild detergent, preferably with a Woolmark symbol on the packet. Turn the clothes inside-out when you put it in for wash. Also do not use a drier for woolen clothes as it may lead to shrinking.


Love for denim is evergreen, not just because of the comfort it offers, but also the ease of maintenance. This fabric is widely accepted for its unbiased style quotient and sustainability. Denim is unique for reasons – you can wear Denim up to 6-8 times without wash unless you are engaged in too sweaty and manual labor. Using vinegar while washing Denim clothes can keep the color lock on. Laundry care is relatively a cake walk for Denim; however, Denim also deserves a pinch of care to have them in our shelves for long.

Many clothes could be a blend of different fabrics as well. The clothing instructions on clothes should be followed to ensure longevity of fabric. Fabrics deserve particular care depending on their nature. Let’s not just keep buying new clothes, rather preserve them to their longest lives with their charm locked in. Laundry is never a task worth worrying if we know how to do it right. And if you are still unsure, reach out to Laundry hub to avail our professional laundry services in and around Dubai. At Laundry hub, we assure to extend expert services and bring a smile of satisfaction on your face. Let clothes also smile and charm.