Sanitized laundry and dry cleaning

Who wouldn’t like freedom from the seemingly endless laundry chores? The mind-numbing task becomes even more tedious when there is a threat of contagious diseases and pathogens around. While deep cleaning removes the physical stains, sanitization and disinfection can kill germs and other microbes. Sanitized laundry and dry cleaning can boost your confidence not just about looks and appearance, but about safety precautions you take.


When you have a sick person at home, the primary motive would be to help the sick have a speedy recovery. However, we should also focus on not spreading contagion to others at home. Afterall, prevention is better than cure.  Regular laundry doesn’t serve the purpose in such situations. Sanitized laundry and dry cleaning are important in this scenario.

With sick people at home, it is inevitable to be precautious of the general health of inmates. The care must extend while doing laundry too. Before touching a sick person’s used laundry, ensure to pull on a pair of disposable gloves. After the laundry is tightly packed or put for washing, take the gloves off to trash and wash hands thoroughly. One piece of contaminated cloth can spoil entire laundry bundle. So, the cloths must be separated for doing laundry to make sure chemical disinfection treatment is done to those. Even tossing affected clothes in air carelessly can pose a risk. Pathogens populate and spread vigorously through cloths used. Garments, blankets, towels, bedsheets, pillow covers, and any piece of fabric used by patients at home should be thoroughly disinfected. Also, the shelves, hampers or counters that are used for laundry storage needs to be properly sanitized. In fact, leaving no room for pathogens is the best we can do.

Not just in the case of sick inmates, in the current scenario where pathogens are omnipresent and have proved to be one of the biggest threats to mankind, we need to shift to healthy habits. Sanitization is the key and sanitized laundry and dry cleaning are therefore needed.


Most of us have a misbelief that using hot water for laundry will help get rid of germs and bacteria. However, hot water will not kill most of the pathogens. Laundry pile could be a haven to bacteria and viruses and they generally outlive the entire laundry cycle. Moreover, hot wash is not recommended for all cloths- some cloths shrink, and colors fade due to getting in contact with overheated water. So when using hot water for wash, one needs to read through the instructions on cloths as to what is the highest water temperature it can be put into.


Use of correct disinfectants can guard your cloths from pathogens and health risks associated therewith. Earlier days, we used to sun dry cloths to disinfect them. Though the ultraviolet rays from sun has disinfecting powers, it cannot always assure disinfection effectively and it demands chemical disinfectants to serve the purpose. Talking about disinfection, it must be done to the washing machines as well. Or else the process would remain incomplete and ineffective. Also, it is recommended to use sanitizer wipes to wipe clean the laundry baskets, wardrobes and closets. White and colored cloths need to be sanitized differently. Whites can be washed with bleach, while for colored cloths it’s better to use warmest water allowed in clothing label paired with a good laundry detergent and color-safe disinfectant. For such tasks that calls for attention on fabric care, Laundry hub can be the best resolution. Laundry disinfectants aids in getting rid off odor molecules and kill microbes.


From dropping garments to laundry basket to sorting them, to washing or dry cleaning, to regular or steam ironing, to folding and to arranging it neatly in wardrobe – all steps have the probable risk of exposure to pathogens in a disease prone environment. So, having a professional and expert laundry service could be material.

Sanitized laundry and dry cleaning should be an adapted practice of households and organizations as priority. Because when health is at risk, everything is on toss. While this red flag of cautions can sound worrisome, good news is that we have it all covered in Laundry Hub, Dubai. Our expert staff in Laundry hub can assist you and provide guidance regarding any kind of laundry queries and requirements. Your laundry is safe with us, for we do not let mixing up of cloths or even getting other clients’ laundry in contact with yours. We have error free safety practices to wash, dry clean, steam iron, fold and store laundry items. Our stores and facilities are constantly monitored and sanitized adequately multiple times a day. Our wash and dry devices are also sanitized after every single use. Our staff undergoes regular checks before every laundry pick up and drop service. We do everything to guarantee you safe and convenient laundry service delivered with quality.

Happy laundry and Stay safe!