Types of Stains on Clothes

There are different types of stains that cause blemish on our favorite garments. Once we happen to spill over something on a dress by mistake, the immediate terror that floods our mind is of disposing that one forever. We all have had days when we fought with such stains and surrendered at the end. Either we give up on the cloth, or we end up spoiling it. At Laundry hub, we deal with all kinds of stains and do carry out continuous research to fight them with all might without damaging the clothes.

Understanding the type and nature of stains is vital to fight those and retain our garments in the wardrobe. Let’s have a look at the types of such villains here –

Oil Stain

Oil stains are the peskiest of all villains in this context.  Removal of Oil stains calls for attention towards the type of fabric. Removing oily stains from synthetic fibers is a strenuous task. Timing is another factor – the stain should not be let to settle down. Sooner you act, easier the task of stain removal will be. However, things can’t always be in our control. If we aren’t lucky to remove the oil stain soon, then we will probably have to arm ourselves with knowledge and right ingredients. Laundry services are pre-equipped with these and can offer better assurance in this regard.

Blood stains

Getting wounded brings in the twin pain of the injury as well as blood stained clothes. There are many conventional methods that we generally adapt to get rid of blood stains – like using vinegar, toothpaste and baking soda. Like most other stains, blood stains are easiest to remove when fresh. Once the stain sets in, it activates the protein in blood and causing it stronger. Older blood stains in carpets and upholstery can be challenging and would need assistance from expert laundry service centers.

Coffee stains

As much as we love this beverage, we hate to see it leave marks on our garments, table covers and carpets. While most of the coffee stains are removable, the process can be tedious depending on time to soak and size of the stain. Mostly baking soda comes for our rescue at households. At Laundry Hub, we treat a lot of coffee stain on a regular basis. Coffee is a routine, for us treating coffee stain is another.

Grass stains

Grass stains might need solvents like white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and bleach to come out of fabric. Grass contains Chlorophyll which is a form of dye. The pigments in grass bind to fabric especially cotton at molecular level – this turns the task of grass stain removal laborious.

Ink stains

With school going kids at home, ink stains can be something to fight with on regular basis. When we wash same inked clothes daily, there are high chances that the fabric’s longevity is affected. If you have a mischievous school going little one at home, daily inked uniforms could spoil the thread and fabric. It will kill the freshness and texture of the clothes. Seeking professional laundry service can help minimalize the damage on clothes and enhance the looks of fabric.


Sweat stains

Salt and hot water are the saving agents here. Soaking the sweaty garments in salt and hot water and then using baking soda in paste form is the treatment we can adopt. The challenge here is not just stains, but also preventing the outflow of fabric colors along with. At Laundry hub, we not only wash off the sweat stains, but assures a freshness and fragrance when the clothes are returned.

Wine stains

Parties are cool and evenings get an added flavor with a red wine in hand. But this same extra flavor can be a mood spoiler once spilled on to clothes. Wine stains are too insistent on clothes and calls for too much efforts to get rid of. These stains should be let to soak in a mixture of a detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Once the stain loosens the hold, we can launder the cloth normally.

Ketchup/Sauce stains

Dropped ketchup on your dress? Don’t worry. Scrape off excess sauce and without rubbing the stain, dab it with a cloth. Use a good detergent and wash off the stain.

All these are a few tips to treat petty stains at households. However, when these villains are too strong to fight at household and you can’t afford to take a risk, we are here to lend a helping hand. Laundry Hub ranks among the topmost laundry services in Dubai and stands out for its expertise and professional services. Enjoy our laundry services in and around Dubai at reasonable rates and say goodbye to the mind-numbing stains.