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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the app or website to enter your address and set pick up and drop off times that suit you best. Our driver will come and collect the soiled cloths and you will get the updates through our app.
All services have a standard turnaround time of 48hrs. The express deliveries are made in 24Hrs (charged 50% extra) i.e. next-day deliveries except the pickups made on Saturday. Also, items that are delegated or heavy to dry will take more than 48Hrs to deliver and we will be informing you prior.
All the order pickup/delivery will be charged AED 7 as pickup/delivery fee.
If you want all your items to be washed, please leave it as a note in the app and we will follow your instructions, unless that contradicts your item’s care label. By default, our wash man are trained to carefully read each item’s care instructions and decide whether it can be wash or dry cleaned, and the we will choose the best option for your item.
Not necessarily. You can leave your bag of laundry outside your home by the door. You can also leave your items with your doorman. Most of our customers are comfortable with laundry left at their doorstep, UAE is very safe, so I wouldn’t worry as we never had theft issues.